theme park - wax epIn the absence of any real sunshine, it’s definitely time to let Theme Park take up the slack on behalf of the miserable British weather. The London based band deliver melodic, summery, feel-good songs on this 5 track EP. It’s indie pop to make you smile, whether you’re at a festival, on the beach or stuck in an office on Friday afternoon in a rain lashed midlands city.

There have been comparisons with Talking Heads (with which the band are probably heartily fed up by now) and, although I’m by no means an expert on the aforementioned American band, there are some similarities. Ultimately, however, none of that really matters. Taken on their own merits Theme Park’s songs are thoroughly enjoyable in themselves.

The band is playing at various festivals this summer, surely an ideal place to experience this kind of music (but do take your cagoule and wellingtons, just in case).

The “Wax EP” consists of four original songs plus a remix and these range from the bright and tuneful, to the downright happy. “Wax” is the most restrained and acts as a gentle introduction to the EP. Don’t think that means it’s not up to the standard of the others – because it very much is – but just know that things are on an upward curve right from the off. “A Mountain We Love” sees  Theme Park flirt gently with calypso; it’s indie but with a suitably pleasing twist. “Milk” is perhaps the standout song, with a skilfully constructed arrangement and (probably) some Talking Heads influences (sorry guys, I won’t mention it again). The layering of the various elements of vocals and instrumentation is complex and effective, without being overwrought. “Ghosts” is a tuneful song which will make your feet tap and should be a dance floor favourite. The remix of “Milk” rounds off the EP and offers a slightly different take on the song, though like all remixes, isn’t quite as good as the original.

Theme Park’s “Wax EP” is unrepentantly fun, positive and happy, with major key chord progressions and melodies to match. Such a young band has surely got a bright future ahead of them; and, let’s be honest, a present which is already pretty damn good.

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