The Wretched End - InroadsThe Wretched End is the latest creative vehicle of former Emperor and Zyklon guitarist Samoth. The rest of the band is formed by Cosmo (vocals/bass) and Nils Fjellström (drums). “Inroads” is the name of their second and latest album. Let’s see what it has to offer.

“Ominous,” the first album by Samoth and Co, didn’t really win me over. Although, it was a solid release, the song material simply wasn’t cohesive enough to really blow me away. Rejoice, because “Inroads,” the second The Wretched End effort, is a vast improvement. Their specific blend of thrash metal, black metal and industrial is way more focused and effective, they have also stepped up a notch or two in the songwriting department. Tracks like ‘The Haunting Ground,’ ‘Death By Nature’ and ‘Fear Propaganda’ are poignant examples of the band’s more structured approach.

The dark spirit of Zyklon looms over “Inroads,” but that’s not necessarily a bad thing in my book. It gives the album a pleasant sense of familiarity. Having said that, The Wretched End is still a band with its own distinctive sound and “Inroads” is full to the brim with high quality and imaginative compositions. ‘Cold Iron Soul’ and ‘Tyrant Of The Mountain’ are two other great examples of the collective musical muscle of The Wretched End.

“Inroads” is blessed with a heavy and somewhat mechanic sound. It really reinforces the overall cold and dystopian atmosphere of this album.

It’s good to see that Samoth still hasn’t lost his magical touch. “Inroads” is a vast improvement over its rather incoherent predecessor and it shows a band coming of age. Great work!

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