The Terraces - The Terraces [Review]Anglo-Australian four piece The Terraces have launched onto the scene with this very impressive ten track debut effort.  Led by former One Way System frontman Gary Buckley, they have produced undoubtedly one of the finest punk albums you will hear this year, and quite possibly for quite a few years previous.

From the moment that ‘The Internationals’ starts up to the very last notes of ‘Victoria’ the album does not let up at all. Songs like the opener, ‘The Union’ (which was the lead single) and ’25 Years’ are almost perfect in the way they balance the infectious melodies with a 70‘s / 80‘s punk edge. Vitriolic at times, but never too harsh. Melodic but with enough threat to distance itself from much of the current scene.

Aside from the first track, ‘Short Back & Sides’ has he most immediately memorable refrain, using the theme from the Likely Lads for the inspiration to its chorus.

Taking obvious influences from the likes of the Ramones and the Sex Pistols as well as having more than a hint of Rancid and Dropkick Murphys (minus the Irish sound).  Producer Kalju Tonuma (Killing Joke, The D4, The Living End) described the band as loud proud straight up and honest, and that fits the bill perfectly.

This is a collection of anthemic yet snarling punk at its raucous best. Straightforward and uncomplicated, radio friendly enough to give them the chance of plenty of airplay, yet still has that hint of intimidation that hundreds of current punk bands would do well to learn from. It’s always good to hear something new that you like, but to hear something this impressive is indeed a joy. You hear hints and tastes of many old bands and tracks during the half hours running time, and once in your mind they will stay there for days.

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