The Prodigy – Jim Marshall Stage (Main Stage) – Friday 21:00 – 22:50

You can say whatever you want about The Prodigy, and most people have some opinion of them one way or the other, but to say that they don’t deserve to be headlining a major UK festival is fucking ridiculous.

For further evidence of how ridiculous that statement is, either go watch their brilliant “World’s On Fire” DVD where they not only headlined Milton Keynes Bowl they proceeded to completely smash it to bits or alternatively ask anyone that was at Download Festival who will tell you that they did more than enough to prove that their spot on this bill is not only well deserved but also totally justified.

Opening with a colossal sounding ‘World’s On Fire’, the band sets its stall out early, letting the audience know from the get go that things are about to go down, you’re either here to party or you need to get the fuck out of the way, because The Prodigy is here and they will mow you down.

They manage to keep the pace high throughout the hour and a half they have onstage melding the past, present and future of the band effortlessly meld together keeping everyone across the board. New songs ‘Awol’ and ‘Dogbite’ prove that the band has lost none of its venom over the years.

Keith Flint and Maxim Reality prove once again to be masters as they control the crowd with ease and make sure that everyone is moving and raving in unison. The common complaint with tonight’s is the set itself with many believing it to be too heavily reliant on newer material, but truth be told you can’t fuck with tunes like ‘Omen’ ‘Invaders Must Die’ and a massive sounding ‘Thunder’ and you do have the classics in the form of ‘Poison’ ‘Breathe’ ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Smack my Bitch up’

One look at tonight’s crowd proves the point that The Prodigy absolutely deserve to be here, seeing near on 80,000 people going batshit mental and just dancing the night away firmly lost in the moment was an instant Download moment, one that further cements The Prodigy and their place in history as well as proving once and for all that not only are they one of the most significant bands of any genre, but also what worthy and rightful headliners they are as well.

The Prodigy Download 2012 setlist:

World’s On Fire
Thunda Dub/Religion Link
Voodoo People
Run With the Wolves
Omen (Reprise)
Invaders Must Die
Diesel Power
Smack My Bitch Up
Take Me to the Hospital
Their Law

Photograph by Mark Latham Photography