Omega Particle - Cremation Of WorldsOn a review I wrote a few months ago, I briefly queried whether deathcore was a genre with any real life left in it, or whether it was facing a quick and untimely death. I came to the quick conclusion that it wasn’t quite dead and buried just yet. This EP from Manchester based act The Omega Particle is proof that the genre is indeed still alive and kicking. Really hard.

Only forming halfway through 2011, these youngsters already pack a majorly strong punch on this 4 track EP, Cremation Of Worlds”. Specialising in a very melodic but still muscular form of deathcore, they also incorporate some djent sounding elements in the pot. The breakdowns are massive and performed so well, and for an EP for such a young band, the production is very precise. The Omega Particle play an already tried and tested style; there isn’t exactly any innovation present here, but it is done so well. These guys already sound like a match for many of the genre’s big players and even sound stronger than many of the heavyweights.

Opening track “Warcry” begins with a spoken word report describing the devastation of the Nuclear Bomb explosion on Hiroshima in 1945, an opening which is very apt considering how truly explosive the EP is once it kicks in immediately afterwards. It is mind-blowing how immediate the songs are, and although a very familiar style already as previously mentioned, just performed so well that it becomes fresh and exciting, and a maturity well above the band’s years is shown.

The Omega Particle aren’t afraid of throwing the odd curveball in to the mix however, and mostly to excellent effect. The Meshuggah like tones here and there which show their djent side aren’t completely obvious at first for example but work really well and add an extra dimension. Closing track, “For We Bring Apocalypse” really surprises with the use of clean vocals, which it has to be said are not the bands strong points. An otherwise blistering and brutal vocal performance, the clean singing here is unfortunately pretty limp for the ferocity of the music and require some work. That being said they don’t derail the momentum of the EP much at all and are only present for brief moments and only become a very minor irritation. Otherwise there is literally nothing here to really criticise.

At only 4 tracks long, this absolutely flies by and leaves you want more and more listens. An excellent EP from yet another great young British band, and one that should really put these guys firmly on the radar and hopefully on to bigger things. You can download this EP for free of the band’s Facebook page. Do yourself a favour and do it.

The Omega Particle – Facebook Page