The Mouth of Ghosts - When The Sun SetsBritish alt-rock outfit The Mouth of Ghosts make dreamy, atmospheric music that fuses trip-hop and shoegaze with a hint of goth. Citing their influences as The Cure, Portishead and Deftones (paying homage to the latter with their own version of ‘Digital Bath’), the band’s sound is synth-laden yet organic, balancing mellow, jangly guitars with delicate keys that complement rather than drown out the other instruments.

Despite being a relatively new band, their EP ‘When The Sun Sets’ is an impressive, highly polished and classy offering that fans of the aforementioned bands, as well as artists like Massive Attack, Garbage and Björk, will surely dig. I’d even recommend them to fans of Lacuna Coil and ‘Souvenirs’/ ‘if_then_else’-era The Gathering – basically, if you like female voices and pretty music, this is for you.

The EP, currently only available for download at the band’s official website, consists of five well-crafted songs, four of which are originals that showcase singer Alla Seydalieva‘s stunning voice against a backdrop of haunting guitar melodies and moody bass. Each song is distinctive: the title track is a pretty, chilled-out ditty with some spine-tingling moments; standout track ‘Patient’ has a big, epic chorus punctuated by heavy guitars, crashing cymbals and Alla‘s desperate melancholic wails, and ‘World’s End’ pulls you in with a quiet urgency. ‘Close’ features swelling strings and ethereally beautiful vocal harmonies that verge on eerie, all helping to create an overall sense of slight uneasiness.

In short, The Mouth of Ghosts make a beautiful racket – melodious yet discordant, calm yet ominous, with darkness lurking underneath, like the world of a David Lynch film. These guys deserve to go far – keep an eye on their website for updates and make sure you try and catch them live.

The Mouth of Ghosts – Official Website