There is something about a show by the American sludge / punk / doom / alternative / grunge / pretty-much-everything pioneers The Melvins that’s always a little bit special. With no support bands, the packed out Moho had a DJ for the first part of the evening, but as is with the headliners this wasn’t your usual DJ, opting for more avant garde playlist than you would get at your average gig.

As they have spent their entire career doing things a little differently, it is no surprise that even in the tight space of the Moho stage, the band manage to fit everything in so that the entire band are at the front of the stage. The double drum kit of Dale Crover and Coady Willis takes up the majority of the available room with Buzz Osborne and Jared Warren squeezed in at either side. With little in the way on interaction with the crowd, the band used their time to good effect to show just why they are one of the most revered acts around.

Choosing a set drawn mainly from their most recent releases ‘Nude With Boots’ and ‘The Bride Screamed Murder’ the venue’s sound system was pushed to the limit by the band. From the military cadence of ‘The Water Glass’ to the cover of the nine minute cover of The Wipers epic punk classic ‘Youth Of America’ we are treated to an almost non stop set that keeps the packed Moho enthralled for the near ninety minute set

Sandwiched between two vintage tracks, the set included the recent EP ‘The Bulls And The Bees’ in its entirety and once they had finished their set, the band disappeared as quickly as they had appeared to a very appreciative response from the crowd who had been blown away by the power of the band in full flow. With a new album just released, hopefully it won’t be too long before we see them over here again

Melvins Setlist:
Dog Island – Lysol – The Water Glass – Evil New War God – Manky – A History Of Bad Men – Youth Of America – A Growing Disgust – A War On Wisdom – We Are Doomed – Friends Before Larry – A Really Long Wait – National Hamster – The Bit

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