The Mariana Hollow - Velvet Black SkyIt’s not easy being a female fronted band, especially when critics insist on comparing you to Hayley Williams of Paramore or Tarja Turunen, former singer of Nightwish. It may interest you to know that there is more than one style of female vocals than Goth-metal or American pop-punk. And The Mariana Hollow proves that with their delectably diverse singer Rebecca Spinks in their new album “Velvet Black Sky”.

With the surpassing song ‘Breathe’ filling you up with fastidious riffs and sensuous vocals, feel the weight of the world leave you as you listen to this beautiful melody that sounds almost like a lullaby. Combining prevailing beats in tracks like ‘Dead Reckoning’ and rampant guitar licks, this band stands amongst the greatest anthemic writers coming out of the UK at the moment.

The breathless track that is ‘The Fate Of Man’ is literally seven minutes in heaven as it transpires you into a flawless void of nostalgia, oozing meticulous skill in every millisecond of this track. Arguably, two of the strongest tracks on the album ‘Knife To The Throat’ and ‘Weight Of The World’ which blare out deep grumbling riffs and impeccable keys underneath the contagious vocals that adds a entirely climatic experience.

There aren’t enough bands like The Mariana Hollow, and it’s a damn shame. Linking together bits of Hard Rock and Modern Metal to create their very own style, there is barely a fault in this album. We would definitely recommend you go out and buy this before they get signed and become the new craze, which undoubtedly they one day will be.

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