The Gathering - Disclosure [Review]Dutch atmospheric rock outfit The Gathering has always been something of a hidden gem. They have an intensely loyal fanbase, but they never managed to really break through to a mainstream audience. The Gathering is all about artistic integrity and their latest album, entitled “Disclosure” is quite an education of what can be achieved with a sound artistic vision.

The previous The Gathering album was more of a (alternative) rock orientated affair. However, on “Disclosure” the band returns to the trippy experimental tendencies of “How To Measure A Planet”, “Souvenirs” and “Home”. The focus clearly shifted towards electronics and keyboards again.This is especially apparent on tracks like “Meltdown”, “Heroes For Ghosts” (hello, Pink Floyd?) and “Gemini II”. Although I prefer a more guitar orientated approach, this is all good to me, because the layered approach and the musical arrangements are just pure ear candy.

Another pleasant surprise are the silky and ethereal vocals by Silje Wergeland. She’s really found her stride on “Disclosure”. She really manages to underscore the fragility and dream-like quality of this album. There are some more guitar-driven moments, like “Paper Waves” and “I Can See Four Miles”, but they are few and far in between.

“Disclosure” is a traditional The Gathering album in the best sense of the word. The band has clearly managed to find their groove again after the tumultuous departure of Anneke van Giersbergen. This resulted in a very balanced and mature album which combines a keen sense of songwriting with artistic integrity. Highly recommended to people who can appreciate the later albums by Katatonia, Ulver and Anathema.

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