The Entrance Band - LatitudesFollowing on from their 2010 self-titled debut, psychedelic rockers The Entrance Band return with this 3 track “session” recorded earlier this year as a live-in-the-studio project.

Although a three-piece band, they were previously simply “Entrance” – a one man project consisting of Guy Blakeselee, a blues guitarist with a penchant for howling solos and extended jams.

On this outing, “Latitudes”, the three piece gel better than they did on the debut and the organic feel of the songs is much more satisfying. That said, there are not enough ideas to justify the almost 12 minute length of opener “New Orleans”. Whilst the track is evocative of the devastation and suffering that befell the city that bears its name, it falls too far away from the majestic song it could have been into a wigged-out free-form jam and it almost loses its way at one point.

Epic, meandering, bluesy rock is immensely satisfying when done well and hinged on a spectacular guitarist, but sadly Blakeslee’s bag of tricks is limited and his soloing is never inventive enough to hold your attention for as long as he wants to rip up the frets.

Closer “Last Kind Words” works so much better and provides a nicely distilled few minutes of what this band can really do – baleful, soulful blues rock with a wailing vocal line and unobtrusive percussion .

The Entrance Band are reputedly great live, this EP sadly doesn’t contain enough sparks to be the gripping and dramatic disc it could have been.

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