Post rock is a genre that is rapidly expanding; it seems every budding musician these days is trying their hand at it. But with this vastly increasing genre becoming more popular, it makes it all the more difficult to make sure that your band stand out in the crowd. And that’s exactly what The Elijah is doing. With their diverse new album “I Loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created” taking the shelves this year, The Elijah blend together orchestral serenities and soulful hybrids, making sure that their name will be getting a chapter in post-rock history, rather than a paragraph.

You’d be expecting this album to kick off with a roaring, grumbling yell but just like all bands should, predictability is something to avoid as this lustrous symphony entitled ‘I Loved’ begins to play. With the elongated, harmonious vocals soaring in ‘In Regret’ which produce an endeavour to capture your heart with its beauty, over the loud guitars and continuous drum beats. These two blissfully relaxing and serene songs could give Mozart a run for his money as they compose of excellent tranquillity and diversity.

It becomes clear why the track  ‘.’ is so named after it blends into ‘In Regret’ so smoothly you barely notice the track has changed, bringing the radiant tranquillity of the song to an end. Likewise with ‘..’ which compels the opposite effect, breaking in the following track ‘In Death’ with clemency and zeal before the orchestra pipes up and you feel yourself lifted once again.

The contrast in this album shifts from soulful symphonies to blustering beats in the track ‘I Hated’ which delivers deep, warm lyrics that are so powerful and aggressive you are left simply engrossed in this song, not wanting to turn it off.

By far the most thrilling track on the album is the track ‘I Destroyed’ which it’s sincere, heart clenching lyrics and ceaseless rhythm. The words “Shout it out loud” chorus out of this song, giving it a purpose not just a song title, and that is to help people through harder times and give them something to relate to.

This is a fantastic album full of unique entities that makes it stand out above the rest. The idea of using interludes to ease in and out of a song in such a way brings out the sheer amount of creativity and talent this band hold. With hundreds of thousands of bands in the post-rock genre, this band is definitely the one on top.

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