After forming in 2006, The Detours have been soaring across the nation with their music after winning the 2009’s hit competition, Live & Unsigned, as well as beating 10,000 other bands in Channel 4’s Orange Unsigned show. They have also wangled gig slots with names such as Slaves To Gravity and The Answer, and now this band are set to take on the rest of the world with their new EP “Ignite.”

Although there are only three songs on this EP, their opening number ‘One Last Chance’ is a contagiously catchy up beat track with sing along lyrics and anthemic choruses.

‘Ignite’ is a grumbling, infectiously raw track with head banging riffs and mosh pitting beats that sounds a little like Avenged Sevenfold. The finale track ‘Free’ is another quick paced anthem with fiery guitars and fist punching gang vocals and harmonious choruses, completing this EP on a high note.

This is a great little EP but if there were just two more songs it would be complete. What is the point in releasing just three songs? It gives off the unfinished vibe. Great songs, just a bit trivial.

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