Despite what their name might suggest, The Black Dahlia Murder are a ludicrously fun band, not so much on record, where they are a razor sharp power drill to the senses, but live the band takes everything and ramps up the energy and in most cases the laughs. When the band took to the Ronnie James Dio stage on Sunday few people could prepare themselves for what was to come, on this occasion it seemed as though the crowd wanted to up the ante and in the process try to upstage the band.

From naked crowd surfers, couples having anal sex in the pit and some pretty lethal looking circle pits, The Black Dahlia Murder 2012 live experience apparently has it all, the band themselves seem unfazed albeit somewhat amused by the carnal carnage unfolding before them, if anything it seems to spur them on and they play harder and faster than I have ever seen them play before.

Showcasing the kind of passion and humour that sets them apart from most of the po faced too metulz crew, The Black Dahlia Murder represent the 21st century face of death metal and all the things that it can become in the right hands.  They are also a genuinely brilliant live band, that knows how to get the best out of any audience they are put in front of couple  these skills on top of their musicianship and they become an unstoppable force.

With a string of brilliant albums behind them, and a live show that gets better and more intense every time you witness it, there will be no stopping The Black Dahlia Murder going forward. The band continues to go from strength to strength, so be sure to catch the band when they return in March with Cannibal Corpse, Devildriver and Winds of Plague or you will be sorely missing out.

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Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal