The Birthday Massacre - Hide and Seek [Review]The Birthday Massacre are an oddity, and believe me that is a compliment. A perfect mixture of Alice in Wonderland and the stuff that nightmare’s are made of. The Birthday Massacre are the thing that hides under your bed when you sleep at night and takes great delight in scaring the hell out of you.

The band’s last album “Pins and Needle’s” was a deliciously dark slice of guitar driven goth rock, that could single handedly soundtrack the entire Tim Burton filmography, however such is the way with The Birthday Massacre they have taken a trip even further down the rabbit hole with their latest album “Hide and Seek” and things taken a turn for the creepy.

The first song to be released from the album ‘Down’ showed signs of the harder edge that the band had previously displayed, but that may have been misdirection on the bands part, as that is the only track of that ilk on the album. This in turn makes it a standout. With this album The Birthday Massacre has taken all they have accomplished up until this point and refined it into a more layered and mature sound, without losing any of the elements that made them so popular in the first place.

There are more textures and indeed more depth to the songs on “Hide and Seek” that makes it less immediate than its predecessors, but also means that the songs need to be drawn out more and gives you as listener something to work for. it will leave you with a more rewarding listening experience. The synths which has always been the bands trademark have been toned down, leaving the soundscape with more of a wall of sound, and in some places a Nine Inch Nails during The Fragile era presence to things.

Whilst on the lyrical and vocal front Chibi appears to have toned down the crazy and delivers a more vulnerable and honest approach on this which gives the album a deeper emotional resonance than normal, lyrically the album is also more personal and stripped back than normal, as the band usually relies on story telling through disconnected or metaphorical lyrics whereas this time things seem to be more out in the open.

With “Hide and Seek” the band has created their most mature and intriguing album to date, an album that shows where the band has come from and hints at where they may go in the future. They have finally come of age, and now finally know who they are and what they are capable of. With this release The Birthday Massacre have proved that they are unstoppable.

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