The 69 Eyes - XImagine if Till Lindemann from Rammstein joined H.I.M. and you’d have The 69 Eyes, a multi-platinum gothic rock band from the heart of Finland, birth place of Love metal and all things dark. To what would be the bands’ tenth album since forming in 1989, “X” is a compilation of vocal brilliance, anthemic riffs and catchy beats that are available to you on September 28th, 2012.

Arguably one of the strongest tracks is ‘Black’ with its raunchy guitar licks and harmonious riffs. The catchy chorus is but memorable and infectious; you’ll be singing it all day long. Highlighting the fact that love metal is best served finish is the ballad ‘I Love The Darkness In You’ which its sing along lyrics and booty shaking beats.

The epic track that is ‘I’m Ready’ adds a Johnny Cash vibe in the vocals, giving a unique 50s rock n roll sounds with its soul singers and scorching solo’s. The fiery riffs continue in ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ with the contagiously anthemic rock beats and raunchy solos.

‘Red’ is another diamond in the stone with its equally dynamic and delicious rhythm, putting this album plain and simple at the top of my ‘must have on my playlist’ list. If you are a loyal fan who has walked along with The 69 Eyes for the entirety of their career so far, you’ll love this, but if you are unfamiliar with the band, “X” is the perfect album to break you into the flawless sound produced by the band.

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