Terrorvision – Zippo Encore Stage (Second Stage) – Friday 15:20 – 15:50

For various reasons (1 being the shitty weather) Terrorvision were the first band I saw at this years Download Festival and what a band to start the weekend! Opening with the “Party over here, fuck you over there!” chorus from ‘Friends & Family,’ the band – clad all in various combinations of red and black and making their Download Festival debut – kick things off proper with ‘Perseverance’ and move straight into ‘Pretend Best Friend’ insisting on making their set  stand out from those they’re sharing the 2nd stage with.

Before the inevitable introduction of “We’re Terrorvision from Bradford!”, frontman Tony Wright breaks down the invisible barrier between band and audience by ignoring the ISO9001 standard of throwing the devil horns and instead chooses to wave at sections of the crowd whilst they wave back.

The set itself is a real greatest hits package although the hits appear to be from “How to Make Friends & Influence People” onwards which means there is no ‘My House’ or ‘New Policy One’ (and perhaps bizarrely no Tequila), but as the chords of a fantastic rendition of ‘Discotheque Wreck’ ring out there is an all too familiar noise from the PA that heralds the intro of ‘Alice, What’s The Matter‘ and the place goes wild. That’s not the end though, as the guitars ring out once more and you realise you haven’t heard ‘Oblivion‘ yet.

Finally, after Tony leads the audience through an arm swaying session, the Yorkshire boys leave the stage and the thousands of people in attendance feel slightly less cold, damp and pissed off.

Terrorvision Download 2012 setlist:

Friends And Family
Pretend Best Friend
Celebrity Hit List
Demolition Song
D’Ya Wanna Go Faster
Discotheque Wreck
Alice What’s The Matter

Photograph by Jessica Gilbert Photography