Tears Before - MinusWith a decent critical acclaim on the debut EP “Reversal”, and some hectic touring in their native Italy; Tears Before seem pretty ready to make a big noise on the wider map with the debut full length “Minus”. With a very savage brand of post-hardcore, Tears Before could make an impact pretty quickly based on the strength of the songs here.

Boasting a very vicious and raw sounding production, “Minus” sounds unquestionably bleak and angry and shares a lot of ground with crust bands. It has a real hunger to it; as well as some pretty strong songs. Admittedly not the most memorable on first listen but the riffs really grow on you on repeated plays. Following the eerie intro ‘None’, ‘Pornography In The 30’s’ really hits the ground running, and the pace never settles, nor does the quality. With only 8 songs, and mostly around only a few minutes, “Minus” is a very hard hitting album and the fact that these guys can write such good songs so early on is very impressive.

If there are any drawbacks, Tears Before haven’t seemed to nail their own niche sound as such just yet, with nothing of their own to set them apart from bands of a similar kind, and in a genre which has a lot of competition in to say the least. It cannot be overstated how busy the hardcore scene has become in recent years, and how a dash or two of something unique about them to make them stand out could work wonders. On a debut full length however, perhaps this is more forgiveable, and the quality of this album certainly makes up for it.

“Minus” is the sound of pure, relentless rage and venom. Not very pretty or very stylistic, but fast, heavy and very aggressive. If these guys successfully carved out something original to themselves within their sound in future then they could really make a name for themselves. That being said,“Minus” should see Tears Before make a few new friends if there is any justice. Not a perfect release, but a pretty good one. Check these guys out.

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