Sylosis - MonolithThe evolution of Sylosis has been well documented, members have come and gone and each time the band moves from strength to strength. The music becomes more brutal, technical and in some cases more progressive. Sylosis have taken a many great step towards becoming one of British Metal’s most exciting prospects, and all of that is about to hit a crescendo with the release of their newest album “Monolith.”

“Monolith” comes on the heels of last years exceptional “Edge of the Earth,” an album that itself was somewhat of a game changer for Sylosis. “Monolith,” however, raises the bar in every conceivable way. Everything on this album is tighter, heavier, more well thought out  and generally designed to showcase what this band is capable of.

Sylosis are a band that is comfortable showing their influences and they shine through, but they never ever once overshadow who Sylosis are, they are a band that knows exactly who they are and that is growing more and more powerful.

From the 7 minute opening of ‘Out From Below’ when all hell literally breaks loose to the album closer ‘Enshrined’ which gives way to a secret acoustic song there is not one single moment on “Monolith” that is wasted, there is not one idea, or style that isn’t explored on here, it’s interesting that Sylosis have managed to turn over an album of such quality and consistency so soon after their previous release, but such is the talent and drive that they have.

Sylosis have grown from cocky young pretenders to genuine contenders to the metal throne, a band that keeps pushing forward and will no doubt dominate the world in time, or at the very deliver on and extrapolate the promise and success that Trivium threatened us with when they released “Ascendency.” Sylosis are still young enough and hungry enough that the world really is theirs for the taking.

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