Sworn To Oath - Leave You For DeadSworn To Oath are one of the best things to come out of the Midlands since, well, ever. They are good hard driving metal that makes your head bang and has you moshing about the room. Their EP, “Leave You For Dead” is just gobsmacking amazing. Tom Shaw channels the sexyness of Mike Patton. Tom also helms bass playing duties and is fantastically augmented by Dave Leese on guitars and Al Junior on drums. “Leave You For Dead” opens with ‘Last Call’. It’s an amazing opus for self reliance. “How can you speak without a tongue? When do you think your time will come? Resigning yourself to fate.” It must be fate that this awesome disk came my way. I can’t stop playing it.

‘(Everything) Reminds Me of You‘ is a fierce mix of Hollywood, Sunset Strip molten metal and in your face heaviness. Tom and Dave have some wicked harmonies happening. Their voices just melt together like chocolate and peanut butter on a graham cracker; tasty goodness. ‘(Everything) Reminds Me of You’ is just amazingly put together. The pacing and composition are top notch. It has the dips and peaks and valleys that remind you of the Tannhauser method of composition.

‘False Promise’ is the most kick ass killer frakking song on the planet. If you aren’t in love with Tom Shaw by now, you are just not alive. His bass playing is just heavy as hell. It chunks throughout the song and in many spots other than Tom and Dave‘s vocals the only thing you hear is the bass. Yes, it’s just that damn good. This song makes the ladies get up and dance around a pole and the dudes give them dollar bills when they aren’t head banging on the stage. Al Junior handles drumming duties with aplomb. Sworn To Oath just doesn’t put a step out of place. “Leave You For Dead” is just perfect in every way.

The title track ‘Leave You For Dead‘ opens with some sultry wicked bass playing. It’s southern comfort swing and swagger. I sings, “Everything surrounding me is fucked…” and you feel him. We’ve all had days like this but Sworn To Oath just articulate it better. Al Junior‘s drumming is amazing and tight. It’s hard to believe the band has only been around since 2009, but they’ve played over 300 shows and festivals around England. The only down side to “Leave You For Dead” is that it only has 4 songs and lasts a total of fifteen minutes. “Leave You For Dead” leaves you wanting oh so much more!

I can honestly say that is the best fifteen minutes of my life. Sworn To Oath‘s “Leave You For Dead” is one of those records you can play over and over and over and over again and never get tired of listening to.

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