Swarm Of Spheres - Swarm Of Spheres EPFrom the ashes of Jesus Mullet comes the Ottawa stoner sludge trio Swarm Of Spheres with their self-titled EP, full to the brim of politically incorrect sentiments and meaty riffs. The group, comprising of Jay Chapman (guitar / vocals), Andrew Rashotte (bass) and Mark McGee (drums) have served up a decent collection of tunes.

‘Thunder Chunky’, the first of the six tracks on offer here, sets the tone with a mid paced groove which flows throughout this EP. Most of the other tracks follow the same pattern, with catchy riffs, although on occasion the band throw in some surprises such as in ‘Brokeass Mountain’ where they speed things up before slowing right down to a snails pace for one the EP’s heavier moments.

Most of the tracks are around three to five minutes but the closing track ‘Fear Is The Killer’ is stretched out to over seven minutes, and along with preceding track ‘Thestor Bastus’ shows a slightly different side to the band, with extended solo’s that add a jam vibe to the previously familiar sound.

The songs don’t stray from the classic stoner rock sound, and their nothing particularly new or innovative about this release, but there are some damn fine tunes here. This is thirty minutes of distorted goodness with tongue firmly planted in cheek. A decent effort which bodes well for the future and should please plenty of people.

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