Sucioperro - Fused‘A River of Blood’ doesn’t sound like a song that will ease you into an album. And it isn’t.

It’s an apt introduction to Sucioperro’s fourth full album, which is more consistently heavy than its predecessors. That slight change in sound could have something to do with them splitting from their label and producing this effort themselves.

But ‘A River of Blood’ doesn’t totally set the tone for “Fused”. It’s not all as aggressive and frenzied as the opener. The chorus goes a little something like this: ‘Of my mistakes the worst was you/You fucked me up but I fucked you’. I think that tells you something about where lead singer JP Reid is coming from with this one. Most of us will have felt his anger, bitterness and sick satisfaction at some point.

Although they continue to keep swear jars manufacturers everywhere in business, Sucioperro calm down a little over the next couple of songs, morphing into their compatriots Biffy Clyro. This is not entirely surprising, seeing as JP Reid and Biffy frontman Simon Neil are behind the Marmaduke Duke side project.

As a side note on that side project, their next album will be their last. After one 3-CD concept album and another that was almost funk, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of eccentricity “The Death of Marmaduke Duke” has in store.

Turning back to “Fused”, the beautifully titled ‘What A Fucking Chump’ sees a return to dirty guitar and screeching backing vocals. Here Reid turns his anger inwards (he’s the chump in question), but, contrary to popular opinion in therapists’ circles, the result doesn’t sound like depression at all.

Next up is the altogether gentler ‘Rabbits In Boxes’, but even this song turns darker at the bridge, where brooding instrumentals take over. This band is far from predictable though. Every now and again they chuck some unexpected lighter instrumentals in. And then there’s ‘Meine Kleine Taube’, which is as surprising an interlude as I’ve heard. Meaning ‘My Little Deaf’ in German, perhaps this excerpt of oom-pah music from a bar/café is intended to give your ears a rest from pounding drums and lashing guitars.

‘Where At Dat Wild At’ is another strange track. It sounds like hip-hop made to accompany bellydancing. The lyrics are not only shit, but also surprising coming from a rock band from Ayrshire: ‘I got a trick that’ll make you holla/Look at those hips they be makin’ dolla’.

Another odd thing about this band is their adoption of stage names. Reid becomes ‘The Dragon’, bassist Steward Chown is transformed into ‘The Spider’, and drummer Fergus Munro is…(supplying his own drum role)…’The Goat’??? Yes, he’s adopted the fiercely rock ‘n’ roll moniker of ‘The Goat’. Are goats particularly good drummers? My guess would be that the Cadbury’s gorilla is probably a safer choice.

But when you consider that Sucioperro means ‘Dirtydog’ in Spanish, all the weirdness seems about right. And their name makes more sense than Biffy Clyro.

Fans of that other Ayrshire band’s louder stuff should love this. Fans of Enya will not.

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