stuka-squadron-tales-of-the-ostSpectacular advantage is taken of the German World War on British based band, Stuka Squadron’s release, “Tales of the Ost”. The thirteen track album has nicked several German World War references, a hint of national pride and links of vampirism onto their debut. It’s a rather odd combination yet the eccentric influences make a smart album that is catchy, feisty and quality.

The self-titled track, ‘Stuka Squadron’ is the catchy power metal anthem that easily grows on the listener. The song opens with a sample of World War commentary and steadily moves into optimistic guitar chords handled by Gravedigger Cox and Doktor Suicide. The crystal clear vocals of front man Duke Fang Begley, slithers across the track while the bass player Lord Graham Pyre and drummer Baron Von Hammerstein bang out a solid set.

It is towards the lower end of the track list that the feisty compositions peep. Machine-gun riffs and snappy percussion appear on ‘One-Eyed God’ and ‘We Drink Blood’. Stuka Squadron show their infectious groove on these tracks – creating the all-too-familiar mosh pit vibe.

The German named but British based band has a wrecking ball album, with high-end production and mastering values. The simple yet effective melodies, rhythms and power metal groove will be an instant favourite amongst Judas Priest fans. Even the Iron Maiden headbangers would take to the smooth yet slightly abstruse album. The low points of the album centres around the several short voice samples placed between the tracks – rather distasteful and obtrusive – after all we want more power!

“Tales of the Ost” bodes well with the iron fist in me and Stuka Squadron are definitely a band to watch – they might just be the new wave of impeccable British heavy metal.

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