It has been 2 years since we’ve seen Stone Sour in the UK. Tonight, here in Bournemouth, marks the last night of the band’s current UK tour supporting their latest album “The House Of Gold And Bones Part. 1”. There is an audible air of excitement over tonight’s gig, people are ready to go, and it seems like anybody onstage tonight that isn’t Stone Sour probably has a fight on their hands… Which explains how support band Hounds manage to pass the crowd by without anyone really noticing.

With that the stage is set for Stone Sour, as the opening to ‘Gone Sovereign’ rings out the crowd reaches a fever pitch and the place explodes into a frenzy. It’s time for the festivities to get well and truly under-way. It doesn’t matter if it’s playing to 100,000 people or 4,000 people there is no denying that in Corey Taylor, Stone Sour have a versatile and incredibly charismatic front man who can command and control any audience you place in front of him, even when picking his nose, telling jokes and engaging in a little bit of a Stevie Wonder jam, it’s as if the man can do no wrong.

The rest of Stone Sour are no slouches either and the band plays as if the apocalypse is fast approaching (too soon?) dishing out a set tighter than the jeans on a hipster, giving the heaving mass beneath them the full stretch of their career. With songs from all four of their albums, and while we are only treated to a couple of songs off their eponymous debut, it’s somewhat of a rare treat to hear the rarely heard ‘Blotter’ thrown in amongst the staple tracks ‘Bother’ (which tonight is proceeded by a run through of Nutshell by Alice In Chains) and ‘Get Inside’.

Elsewhere, we are treated to ‘A Rumour of Skin’, a colossal ‘Last of the Real’ and ‘The Travellers pt.2’ from the band’s latest release “House of Gold and Bones Part. 1” which fit rather well alongside the older material like ‘Reborn’, ‘Made of Scars’, ‘Say You’ll Haunt Me’, ‘Mission Statement’ and the pummelling finale of ’30/30 – 150′, which pretty much threatens to level the entire building.

Much like sitting at home listening to a Stone Sour album, the live experience is an emotional rollercaster, with heavy moments (emotionally as well as musically), sombre moments, but then also moments of fists in the air rock triumph. The real trick is that Stone Sour manage to blend all of this together without ever dragging the set down or letting the mood dictate the pace of the show and it’s one of the tricks the band has that makes their shows work to perfection.

Stone Sour have come on leaps and bounds in the 10 years (yes kids, it really has been that long) since the release of their debut album. In that decade they have become one of the most inventive, unique and wildly entertaining bands in modern rock. That is reflected not only in the band’s music itself but also in the live arena, and shows like tonight go a long way in proving why Stone Sour is one of the hottest tickets in town. Don’t worry if you missed it though, you only have a 6 month wait on your hands until the band returns for the Download Festival in June.

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Photos taken by Sabrina Ramdoyal.