Stone Sour-House of Gold and Bones Part 1Stone Sour is a band that has long stood in the shadow cast by their larger than life front man Corey Taylor, but with “House of Gold and Bones, Part 1” the game is about to change.

“House of Gold and Bones, Part 1” is the first part of Stone Sour‘s expansive new double concept album, which is based on a story written by Corey, and will also feature in a series of comic books that will be released to coincide with the second album.

After listening to this new release from top to bottom, the first thing you notice is that it is considerably heavier than its predecessor “Audio Secrecy”. It’s also a lot less emotionally raw than that album, that’s not to say that it isn’t emotional, despite being based on a fictional story, Corey still comes from a very real place lyrically, giving the listener something to grasp onto.

By now you will have no doubt heard the double single ‘Gone Sovereign’ and ‘Absolute Zero’, those two songs were a tantalizing tease for the rest of the album without dictating how the rest of the album sounds.

“House of Gold and Bones, Part 1” has taken everything the band has done up until this point and taken it all to the next level. From the acoustic melancholy of ‘Taciturn’, or the fragile beauty of ‘The Travellers, pt.1’ which has the benefit of haunting strings woven into the background, helping to accentuate the emotion in the song.

‘Elsewhere Tired’, ‘RU486’, and ‘Last of the Real’ all bring the riffs out for all the head bangers and show the Alice In Chains influence that Corey has mentioned so many times in relation to this album. These three tracks in particular, are some of the album’s highlights, of which there are many, and show how well Stone Sour can balance the heavy and the soft and make them work together.

Stone Sour as band has stepped their game up considerably both musically and creatively, exploring new ideas and expanding their sound past what many thought they were capable of. Each member of the band has their moment to shine, from the thundering drums of Roy Mayorga, to the blistering guitar work and face melting solo work of guitarists Josh Rand and Jim Root, all capped off with a career best vocal performance by Corey Taylor. Stone Sour have become a fully formed living, breathing entity, that has become something bigger and better than anyone could have imagined.

With Stone Sour you are guaranteed to go on an emotional roller coaster with their albums, and “House of Gold and Bones, Part 1” is no different. Whilst it’s not as direct in its emotions as previous albums but if you dig a little deeper it will reveal itself over multiple listens. This album is best with headphones on and a start to finish experience.

With the journey halfway done, it will be interesting to see where the rest of the path leads as we approach the “House of Gold and Bones, Part 1” and await the conclusion of the story in pt.2 but for now Stone Sour are back and have delivered one of the year’s best albums.

“The House of Gold and Bones” awaits you!

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