The Defiled are one of the UK metal scene’s most exciting new prospects. Despite being around a number of years, the band has risen to prominence over the last two years, with an astonishing debut album “Grave Times” under their belt as well as a string of blistering live shows. As the band gets ready to record their second album we caught up with them to discuss the new album and how you can help them fund it, squaring off against Opeth and Machine Head at Download, winning a Metal Hammer award as well as which food they’d be, yeah you read that right.

Hey Guys, How is everyone?

Stitch: Mighty fine, its been a long day [Laughs]

Its been a busy couple of weeks for you guys between Download, various awards shows and supporting Godsmack. What’s the current feeling in the band?

We’re filled with joy and merriment at the moment. We’re actually quite happy at the moment. Its weird because we’re never happy.

AVD: Its been the most exciting couple of weeks of our band to be honest. We’ve always wanted to play Donington. Done, we won best new band at the Golden God awards, we’re going to go record in Florida in a week or so, its quite rock and roll. [Laughs]

How did the Download thing go, I know that you were up against both Opeth and Machine Head but you guys still managed to ram the tent out.

Stitch: We were shitting it at first. First off we were clashing with Upon A Burning Body, and we were really angry we were going to miss them, then they moved everything up and around, so we were like ‘Who do we clash with now?’…. ‘Machine Head‘, that’s the one band you least want to clash with, other than Metallica. But no, it went really well.

Then the next night you went and won Best New Band at the Metal Hammer awards. What was going through your minds when you were announced as the winner?

AVD: When you don’t win it and your name is not on the list, you’re just like ‘Ah, it doesn’t matter.’

Stitch: Like ‘Yeah, fuck that band, fuck whoever wins it.’

AVD: But when you do win it, it does really make a difference and it does raise morale.

It’s also another one of those things that helps to raise awareness of the band as well.

Stitch: We’ve been struggling for months trying to figure out what’s going to happen with the band’s future, and in the space of a week it’s a bit like ‘Oh shit.’

AVD: It’s all down to the people that voted for us, because people voted in.

Stitch: It’s all down to the fans who wins those things.

AVD: So thank you to our fans and fuck you to the world. [Laughs]

You guys are heading off to Florida to work on album number 2 with Jason Suecof, how did it come about that you guys were going to work with him?

AVD: Stitch ha always been a fan.

Stitch: We always used to listen to that Bury Your Dead album when that came out we were like ‘Wow, listen to that insane guitar sound’ we researched it and it was him, I spoke to him on Facebook.., he added me on Facebook and was like ‘I really like your band’ so last year I met with him about doing it, it was an obvious choice, it just seemed so obvious he has that sound that we want.

AVD: It just sounds so crystal and clean, its a perfect sound.

How far along in the writing and the demoing of the new album are you?

AVD: We go to record it next week, so we’re nearly there.

Stitch: We’re as ready as we can be.

AVD: We’re leaving a lot up to Jason. [Laughs]

Stitch: Yeah, the last few things we’ve done, the e.p and the album we’ve done ourselves, so it’s all down to us.

AVD: It’s a lot of pressure actually to say this is the final product, now it’s a bit different.

Stitch: There is a few loose ends we’re unsure about, but now were like ‘Eh, that’s what this guy is paid to sort out’ so he’ll tell us if it’s good or if it’s shit.

AVD: We don’t even have the money to pay him [Laughs] we’re doing this Pledge campaign through Pledge Music, we’ve been putting up posters at venues and all over the place asking our fans to pay for us [Laughs]

Stitch: We’re basically begging anyone we know to give us money.

AVD: I’ve always wanted to be a beggar.

The Pledge Music thing has really taken off recently, a lot of the other bands have started using it to fund recordings.

AVD: Are we one of the other bands? [Laughs]

Stitch: A lot bands have started doing it though.

Ginger Wildheart did an album using it.

Stitch: Yeah, fucking hell he raised like 400,000 or something like that. He only wanted to get 30,000 and ended up with that much, but then he’s fans are a bit older than ours.

Maybe you guys should ask him for some money? [Laughs]

Stitch: Yeah, just like you’ve got some spare money, give it to us. [Laughs] but with ours, there’s some stuff that’s going to be fun to do.

AVD: We could play your house party, which is one of them.

As well as helping fund the album, do think that this will also encourage your fans to buy the finished product, knowing that they have paid money towards it?

Stitch: We hope so, you can actually buy your way onto our thanks list, so every cd that goes out from us will have their name in the thanks list. If I was a kid and Nirvana did that and said you can put our name on our sleeve, I’d have paid anything for that. If you’re a fan of a band, could you imagine that.

Then when people look at it, and their like ‘Who’s this guy?’ (Laughs)

AVD: Oh yes, he gave us a couple of pounds a few years ago, thanks for that. [Laughs]

It’s when people start emailing you asking for Royalties that you have to worry. [Laughs]

Thanks forever. [Laughs]

How does the new material compare to the older material?

AVD: It’s so much better.

Stitch: We haven’t changed our sound in the slightest, its very us. Its almost a continuation of the sound from “Grave Times,” it’s just better.

AVD: The longer you do something the better you get at it.

Are we going to see a complete evolution in the band with new stage show, production and overall feel of things with the new album?

Stitch: We will have something new for the next album. We’re not going to come out looking exactly the same.

AVD: We’re really into every aspect of being entertaining and entertainers.

Stitch: We’re not going to go onstage with just a different band t shirt on every night.

You need to get yourselves some pyro and blow stuff up.

 AVD: [Laughs]  Yeah definitely, you said it Mister.

You guys are heading back this way in September with Dragonforce, what have you got lined up. Is that the last portion of touring that you’re doing for Grave Times?

Stitch: That’s the last bit of “Grave Times” touring we’re doing. We might go to Europe before the next album comes out, we’re planning the new album to come out next January/February and there’s only so much touring you can do on one album, that will be the last English thing we do I think for a few months before we have the new album ready to go.

AVD: We’re looking to expand globally like a virus.

Stitch: Like a monkey virus or aids…we’re going to be the new aids of the world. [Laughs]

How do you feel about being part of a bill with Dragonforce and Alestorm?

Stitch: It’s going to be fucking weird. No, it’s good for us, we get stuck in a weird rut of being an image band, so we get stuck with other image bands that sound nothing like us. It will open us up to a different audience, I don’t think Dragonforce‘s audience is that far fetched for us, I mean they were a Roadrunner (Records) band, kids like them and stuff so its not like we’re going on tour with Finntroll, Dragonforce, commercially, are still a massive band.

Now for the random question portion of the interview.

If someone put together a time capsule based on the career of The Defiled to date, what 3 songs would you put in there?

Stitch/AVD: As I Drown, Call To Arms, Blood Sells.

If somebody said to you guys tomorrow you can’t be a band any more, that’s it you have to break up, how would you like to be remembered?

AVD: We haven’t got there yet man, we’ve got to make it first to be remembered for something. [Laughs]

Stitch: That’s the band that almost kind of did something, and they just looked awful.

If you guys were a food, what kind of food would you be?

Stitch: Mini Cheddars.

AVD: Spaghetti Bolognese

Lastly, do you have a message out there for The Defiled fans?

AVD: Pledge please, or you won’t get any new music. Please get on Pledge, we’ve got loads of cool stuff on there.

For more information about The Defiled‘s pledge music campaign and how you can get involved then head over to

You can catch the band supporting Dragonforce in September, check listings for dates.

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