Steel Panther are the go to band for people who love to hate right now, usually from people that aren’t in on the joke, for everyone else they are one of the hottest tickets in town. The band is in the UK to do a promotional headline run for their latest album, “Balls Out”. After a triumphant turn at the Download Festival this past June, the anticipation for the tour is at an all time high, with many of the dates sold out months in advance.

It’s amazing to think how far Steel Panther have come over here in the last 3 years, from being an underground buzz band on the third stage at Download in 2009 to playing to thousands on their own headline run, and how does the band rise to the occasion? By putting on one hell of a rock show, that’s how! I may, however, be a tad biased since Satchel is my dad, but still the proof is in the pudding (made with baby gravy, naturally).

There is massive TV screen behind the band tonight, which plays videos of all things from the band hanging out in a pre-recorded segment to boobs, and even a variety of scrotum, these thing appear periodically throughout the night. The band themselves are in fine form, the banter is top notch, the new additions to the show, in the form of a new light show, smoke and dry ice, as well as the band’s acquisition of a titty cam raise the fun levels to a new high. However, this would all be rendered void if the band didn’t have the songs to back it up and fortunately they do, in spades. The older material blends well with the newer material, ‘Supersonic Sex Machine’ proving to be a crowd pleasing opener, ‘Just like Tiger Woods’ also goes down a treat as well. However, it’s the old classics like ‘Asian Hooker’, ‘Community Property’, ‘Fat Girl’ and a rip roaring ‘Death to All But Metal’ that bring the house down, providing the crowd with some true high power sing-along moments.

The Steel Panther experience has reached a new level entirely, where else will you get some of the filthiest, funniest rock songs around teamed with a guitar player doing a 10 minute drum/guitar solo to several metal classics, the aforementioned titty cam and video footage, the best, sharpest banter in the world and to top it all off, enough tits to make Hugh Hefner happy. Providing everyone in attendance with one of the most, if not the most, fun live show experience currently touring.

The crowd here tonight most definitely agree’s. With arms, beers and tits aloft there isn’t a single person in the room that isn’t partying one way or another. It’s like the biggest party on earth and everyone is invited, although with that said, the guy in the front row who refused to marry his girlfriend probably had better nights after the band asked if she would like to suck all their dicks live in front of everyone. Still, everyone else had a pretty good laugh about it, and the 10 or so other girls that jumped up onstage to party with the band, seemed to be having the night of their lives, so not all was lost.

If any of the above sounds like your idea of a good night, then prepare yourselves for the second cumming, and get ready to feel the steel, because next time the band comes back, and believe me they will come again, next time the show will be bigger, filthier and I dare say it more explosive than ever before.

Steel Panther – Official Website

Photos taken by Trudi Knight.