Steel Panther – Jim Marshall Stage (Main Stage) – Saturday 15:35 – 16:25

Quick quiz. Who likes fun? Who likes boobs? If you replied positively to both of those things then I have a solution for you. Steel Panther, the worlds funniest band. Today they have been upgraded to the main stage and I couldn’t think of a better place for them, the sun keeps threatening to make an appearance, the beer is flowing and yes, the ladies keep flashing the goods.

Greeted with a heroes welcome, Steel Panther know exactly how to get a crowd eating out the palm of their hands, but then again the band knows a thing or two about eating out generally it would seem, if their songs are anything to go by. Today’s set is a largely crowd pleasing one combining hit after hit after hit.

I mean after all you can’t argue with tracks like ‘Community Property’, ’17 Girls in a row’, ‘Asian Hooker’ the Bon Jovi aping ‘Party All Day (Fuck All Night)’ and the set closing ‘Death To All But Metal’ featuring a cameo appearance by none other than Corey Motherfuckin’ Taylor, which proves to be a particular set highlight.

But along with amazing tunes, Steel Panther also have the best stage banter in the business, and are genuinely funny guys, they also know how to handle their time onstage and the jokes never suffocate the songs, when a blow up doll is thrown onstage, front man Michael Starr has some fun with it, much to the approval of the crowd.

After days of miserable weather conditions, Steel Panther are a glorious ray of smut filled sunshine that is bursting through the clouds and well and truly smashing their back doors in.

The best way to describe Steel Panther is if you took all the quality hair metal bands of the 80’s sucked all the po faced posturing out and replaced it with Carry On style humour, and it works incredibly well, which makes for a well balanced hilarious set that raises spirits and lowers top, roll on November for the full Steel Panther experience.

Steel Panther Download 2012 setlist:

Supersonic Sex Machine
Tomorrow Night
Asian Hooker
Just Like Tiger Woods
Community Property
Eyes of a Panther
Party All Day (Fuck All Night)
17 Girls in a Row
Death To All But Metal

Photograph by Andrew Whitton Photography