Steak Number Eight are arguably one of the most surprising and talented band to come out of Belgium. After winning the famous Belgian music contest HUMO rock rally at the age of 15 and a positive kick start into the music industry with their first album “When The Candle Dies Out” (2008) scoring high marks from critics, the only way is up for these guys, and “All Is Chaos” has only stabilised their position even further.

“All Is Chaos” was produced by Mario Goossens who worked with the likes of Triggerfinger and The Black Box Revelation, and was mixed by industry professional Matt Bayles who has names like Isis and Mastodon on his CV, so the overall sound of this band was expected to be nothing but dirty, grimy sludge rock. And that’s exactly what you get.

With an average age of 18, this band shows they are not just teenagers as vocalist Brent Vanneste delivers a deep, throaty voice that compliments the heavy, thumping baselines and grimy guitar riffs you hear throughout this album. The opening track ‘Dickhead’ offers an epic, head banging intro that leads into a faster, anthemic chorus and to finish it off with random screaming of “banana, banana, your head is like a banana.” It sounds randomly put together, but you’re gonna have to trust me, it works.

Other gems on the album that are worth noting are ‘Trapped’ with its elegant guitars and softer, more relaxing intro that leads into a loud locomotive of aggressive drums and melodic vocals. ‘The Calling’ adds more deep and emotional turn as Vanneste sings “talking inside my head, tonight, marry my death” which is adds a more depressing yet satisfying tone as you can hear all the rage and anger in his voice lifting as the sings each lyric.

Finally ‘Drowning In Your Blood,’ the longest track on the album being just under 10 minutes long, is another one of my favourites that even though it’s long, it doesn’t bore you in the slightest. With its melodramatic intro and climatic, surreal out of this world-feeling ending adds a climatic entry to the finale track ‘The perpetual.’

Overall, this album delivers exactly what it should do. For such young musicians, the outcome is phenomenal.  After listening to this album, it’s not hard to understand why this band is receiving such high acclaim.

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