Spawn Of Possession - IncursoSpawn Of Possession is a Swedish death metal band from the Kalmar area. Due to various line-up changes it took this outfit six years to come up with a new record. The Relapse Records press release hails this album as a “headspinning masterpiece of technically brutal death metal”. That’s quite a boast, so let’s see if these guys deliver the goods…

When it comes to technical and musical proficiency, the guys in Spawn Of Possession are in the same league as Abysmal Dawn, Obscura, The Faceless and Necrophagist. Countless breaks, time changes, intricate melodies and challenging guitar riffs make up the bulk of what “Incurso” is all about. On ‘Abodement,’ ‘The Evangelist’ and ‘Apparition,’ there are some symphonic elements, which gives the album a slight Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth touch.

Despite all the brutal riffage going on, there’s still room for little melodic interludes, most notably on ‘Spiritual Deception,’ ‘No Light Spared’ and the aforementioned ‘The Evangelist.’ This composition is also the longest one the album and it’s the perfect summary of what “Incurso” has to offer. Those earlier mentioned interludes gives the individual tracks some much needed breathing space and they serve as the perfect counterbalance for the technical wizardry going on. This also enhances the depth and the inner dynamics of “Incurso.” The accentuated bass lines combined with the symphonic elements give this album a lot of character and atmosphere.

“Incurso” is blessed with a clear, yet heavy production. This makes sure that all the technical wizardry is clearly audible, but also gives the album a nice aggressive edge.

It takes several intense listening sessions before “Incurso” really sets in but it’s really a very satisfying and highly enjoyable effort within the technical death metal field. However, a superlative as “a headspinning masterpiece of technically brutal death metal” is something I personally use for albums like “Omnivium” by Obsura and “Unholy Cult” by Immolation. Nonetheless, “Incurso” is still able to hold its own and it will surely be regarded as one of the highlights within extreme metal this year. A solid release!

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