Soulweaver - LibertySoulweaver are a three piece rock outfit from Cambridgeshire. They came together in 2009, and in 2011 they released their debut album “Liberty”. This debut album came loaded with the boast: “14 top quality tracks”, and is “one of the best rock albums released anywhere in the world”. Of course with such a bold statement we had to put it to the test…

There are indeed 14 tracks, and kicking off with a 90 second instrumental intro piece “Eclipse” it seems reasonable enough, not exactly setting the world on fire though. “Media Frenzy” picks up the pace and gives us more of an understanding of what these three musicians are about.

Goodge takes care of the six string duties and leads the vocal charge. Backed with a solid low end from a mysterious lady going under the name of M on bass, and finally Phil Bryant giving the foundations to the rhythm section behind the kit. Musically Soulweaver are accomplished without being flamboyant, and there is something about them that really strikes as being likeable.

They have their hearts on their sleeves, and at times their tongues in their cheeks, but the music and lyrical content just feels really… honest: “Can you listen now, do you hear me? When I tell you that the ozone’s wrecked”.

Goodge’s fretwork is solid and inoffensive, fitting for what is needed; no unnecessary frills. M holds firm, as she adds some quality bounce to the likes of the infectious “It’s Not That Serious”, and Phil doesn’t seem overly challenged, offering up an understated rhythmic barrage. There are elements of excellence within the musical make up, but where Soulweaver really excel is in their complete songwriting package ability.

The tracks individually are extremely well crafted, each serving real lyrical purpose, reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s in their make up. It feels very familiar: in a Eureka Machines crossed with The Trews and a little bit of The Wildhearts thrown in kind of way.

Soulweaver are addictive. It may not be quite as epic as the original boasts make out, but these three give us hooks that get in your head, memorable chorus lines, and no matter how much you resist, these guys really grow on you. You can’t help but like them…

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