Sophicide - Perdition of the SublimeGerman tech metal band Sophicide is set to release their debut album on August 14. The  new disk is entitled “Perdition of the Sublime” on Willowtip Records.

The mastermind behind this gobsmackingly complex and technical album Adam Laszlo comments:

“It’s (Sophicide) another word for anti-intellectualism. People are stupid, ignorant and seem to be proud of it. This is a disturbing trend. I’m really keen to release this album.

I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it and I hope people can connect to it as I do. Basically, the overall theme coincides with the meaning of ‘sophicide.’

Intellect and enlightenment seem to be displaced by religion and casting shows. There’s this overall apathy, people don’t seem to give a shit about anything as long as they get their cheap meat and TV shows. This is what POTS is basically about, although the focus is on religion, after all it’s the elephant in the room.”

The album opens with ‘The Art of Atrocity‘. It’s hard to believe this is a debut album. It’s even harder to believe this was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Adam Laszlo‘s home studio. He must have one bitchin’ set up.  The music is very technical. It’s almost mathematical. There in lies the beauty. It’s heavy and very much in your face but the composition is intricate and multi-layered.

‘Within Darkness’ is a cornucopia of sounds for your aural pleasure. It’s menacing. You listen and you feel like something is coming out of the darkness hell bent to get you. The drumming is truly amazing. It’s hard to describe the complexity of the playing. Then your brain goes Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! ‘Within Darkness’ is jazz fusion on 11. The arrangement is nothing short of stellar.

What is blowing me away is that Adam Laszlo is all of twenty-two years old. What this young man has accomplished with “Perdition of the Sublime,” most musicians twice his age only aspire to. The title track ‘Perdition of the Sublime’ is an amazing treatise on how to play very very good guitar and how to write and play very very good guitar solos. It’s fluid and beautiful. There are so many genres of music coalescing into this track and everything works so well.

‘Of Lust and Vengence’ is another jaw dropper. The opening is part flamenco part renaissance part Persian all metal. The expressive tone of the song changes with some sudden stops and starts. This is a song you really have to pay attention to. It’s quite a disservice simply calling this a death metal song. At 3:49 you just stop and go WHAT???!!! And like that, the moment is over and you are plunged into the frenzy of whirling guitars and a bass guitar line that is as moving and fast paced as ever. You can’t stop to enjoy it as at 4:35 it plunges into this this this mishegoss that would make Yngwie Malmsteen and Jaco Pastorius weep.

For the song ‘Exercation’ I feel I can breathe a sigh of relief as it is more a straight ahead death metal doom metal song. With the exception of the show stopping bass flourishes, it’s a “simple” death metal song. Simple by comparison to the rest of the album that is. There is nothing “simple” about Adam Laszlo and his music. He is quite possibly a virtuoso.

‘Blood for Honour’ is a speed metal lover’s feast. Adam plays more notes in the first twenty seconds than many so called “metal” bands play in a whole song. Yes, I’m gushing. What’s amazing is that halfway through the song he slows it down a bit with a well-crafted passage that could be considered at forefront of progressive metal. This is, of course, before the song becomes a dub step circle pit tome.

Adam has a very enlightened and intuitive take on the state of mankind and his lyrics reflect this. He is in agreement with the 20% that believe that the other 80% has descended into a pit of maudlin mediocrity and are blissful in their ignorance and are happily relinquishing their freedoms to the man. In ‘Freedom of the Mind’, the man is religion.  It’s easy to get lost in the amazing music and forget that Adam’s lyrics on “Perdition of the Sublime” are relevant yet transcendent.

‘Folie A Deux’ is a beautifully constructed acoustic guitar piece that makes the hairs on your arm stand on end. The accompanying orchestration adds a depth that harkens back to those highbrow progressive albums of the 70s. The song is a perfect precursor to ‘Lafayette’s Deception’. With ‘Lafayette’s Deception’ and ‘Dawn of a New Age’, the cookie monster growly vocals kick into high gear. It’s Mojo JoJo fronting some seriously wicked progressive jazz fusion Paganini-esq death metal.

“Perdition of the Sublime” ends with a mindblowing song entitled ‘The Essence of Warfare’. Much like the previous songs, this song is just stupid fast and intricate. It’s just best to close your eyes and let the music wash over you like a typhoon. Indeed the album is worth listening to again and again. Adam Laszlo is a maestro. Don’t take my word for it. When “Perdition of the Sublime” drops on August 14, do yourself a favour and pick it up. You will be blown away!

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