Sondura - You Remain EPThis five track EP serves as a taster for those unfamiliar with the London 4 piece, Sondura. It comprises of a couple of old favourites and some  new material of their recently released second album.

Title track ‘You Remain’ is highly polished modern stadium rock. It is  non-threatening and utterly bland. The surfaces are so sleek and shiny  it slips right into your ears and right out again,leaving no trace. I  have no idea why they choose it as lead out track as it’s the worst  thing here.

Thankfully, we then have ‘New beginnings’. Slightly more downbeat but  with a much stronger identity and a touch like a more commercial sounding Soundgarden. That continues on the rowdier ‘Live Before You Die’ which has a Mötley Crüe-style yob chorus and some grittier  guitar. It’s the best thing here by some distance, and is the title  track off the new album.

‘Falling Free’ is more misty-eyed, polite, Nickleback fluff and just when you think Sondura have blown it ‘Black  & White’ comes to (almost) save the day. Like a lot of the music here it sounds like the kind of rock designed to be played by handsome young men staring meaningfully into the sunset from a festival stage as girl’s openly weep down the front. It’s uncannily like Linkin Park if someone had forgotten to plug in the synths and turntable. Not  particularly my cup of tea but it’s pretty well done here.

It all sounds to me like these boys are desperate to be striding onto the arena circuit, but there’s so much of this type or rock out there  they may need a lot of luck as well as marginally better tunes to make it there.

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