soil - reliveing the scars in londonSOIL… them or hate them. Personally, I love them but then again I am partial to Chicago bands. I will even go far enough as to say I will forgive them for that disaster of an album called “Picture Perfect,” what a holy nightmare that one was, and if you are a SOIL fan I’m sure you will agree with me. In the words of Captain Darrow, I don’t do that soft shit. Hence I just summed up that CD in that sentence, but let’s move on from that…

Which brings me to my next point Holy Freaking Capes Batman they did a live CD and not only that, they did it with Ryan McCombs back on vocals (phew). Simply titled “Re-LIVE-ing the Scars IN London”. What’s not to like about SOIL doing the music that made them who they are to begin with and it has every song off of “SCARS” and a few off of “Redefine”.

Love how they kick it off with “Breaking Me Down,” it’s funny because you can feel and hear the pent up energy in Ryan’s voice in this song. It’s almost as if  he’s jumping up and down on stage going “hell yeah bitches I’m back.” That leads into “Need to Feel,” a great tune, not a huge hit for them, but a great song nonetheless. It has the real American metal feel, almost a Ted Nugent vibe. By the time they hit “My Own” you can tell they have settled down into their groove. “Redefine” is showcasing Ryan’s gravel voice with some killer drum work.

As “Cross my Heart” flares up you are wishing you were there to see this performance (well I was). There is such energy from this CD that makes you want to drop everything and go see them live and rediscover the music you once fell in love with. I love how the crowd totally gets into “The One” singing along (me included,) they then tease you with “Wide Open” which has some strong guitar and bass lines which are always a signature of SOIL.

The one low point is “Black 7” that’s never been a favorite of mine and I just felt the song never did any justice for them nor showcased the power this group is capable of. When you hear the guitars starting for “Unreal” you know that part of you that goes “Oh Hell Yeah…” and at the same time wondering why they even included the previous track but alas it is all of the tracks great and low. This is a  favorite song hands down for myself and many a fan along with their trademark “Halo”. They end up the CD with “Pride” what a great way to end a really, really great CD.

Do yourself the favor, make this one a keeper. Normally I don’t dig Live CD’s as they are never the same vibe as when you are standing there with the crowd. However, this one is a bit different I think the heart and soul of SOIL is there and they are right there as you bang your head with it fist pumps and all.

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Main photo taken by the awesome Don Jackson-Wyatt