Sister Sin - Now And ForeverSister Sin are bringing back 90s metal. “Now and Forever” is hard, fast, and fun. The new Sister Sin album from Victory Records called “Now and Forever” opens with the track entitled ‘End of the Line’. It’s the quintessential by the numbers metal song. Riffage. Rousing harmonized chorus. Basic guitar solo. Crowd cheering section. Hmmmm is this a good Mötley Crüe album? Nope, it’s Sister Sin.

Sister Sin are from Sweden and they’ve been around a scant two years. Liv on vocals is complemented wonderfully by Jimmy on guitars, Strandh on bass and Dave handling drumming duties. You gotta love a band that has a Dave on drums. Epic!

“Now and Forever” won’t win any  technical proficiency awards but “Now and Forever” makes me want to run to my car and drive somewhere. Fast! I like Sister Sin‘s “Now and Forever” for what it is. Solid. Simple. Catchy. Fresh. Rock and Roll. The joy continues with ‘Fight Song’. The lyrics are sophomoric. This is good because it makes it easy to memorize and sing along. “No matter where you’re from, don’t point at me. Pray that God forgives. I don’t. This is a fight song.”

The Mötley Crüe, Poison, Skid Row vibe continues. “If you don’t like it, you can kiss my ass.” Welcome to ‘In It For Life’. Sister Sin is a band born to party and “Now and Forever” is a classic party album. There is no downside to this album until you get to the last track. But we’ve miles of open road to go before we sleep. ‘Hang Em High’ is another classic Crüe tune. It’s a big eff you to all the ex’s on the planet. It’s a fun song full of plenty of air guitar moments. A nifty break down two minutes in showcases some bombastic drumming from Dave.

Again, Jimmy on guitar is the driving force on this song. Everything on Sister Sin‘s “Now and Forever” is deliciously straight forward. You look forward to each new song. Song after song the volume dial inches up until you are on 11. Then you get to the last track, ‘Morning After’. It’s slow and maudlin; a stock power ballad.  Liv actually sounds like Donna Summer here. This is a good thing as I love Donna Summer, but it’s such a downer of a way to end an album, especially one so marvelously upbeat.

When you get tired of all the genre metal, the hybrid of musical styles meshing into one album, too cerebral lyrics, mood and tone albums you can cleanse your pallet with Sister Sin‘s “Now and Forever”. You emerge clean, fresh, and satisfied.

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