Sinister - The Carnage Ending [Review]When it comes to old school death metal, there are a few names that jump to mind. One of which is Sinister. The Dutch death metal masters are back, finally with their latest abomination titled “The Carnage Ending”. This will be the bands 10th full-length album. The band formed in 1988 and broke up in 2003, but thankfully resurrected in 2005.

Getting stuck in, the album starts off rather grim instrumental titled ‘Gates of Bloodshed’ which has a very dark and eerie feel to it and is a bit unconventional, but nonetheless it sends chills down your spine. It breaks and ‘Unheavenly Domain’ rips you a new one with a full tilt death metal shitstorm endlessly pounding your senses.  The drumming is a barrage of  blasting with good use of symbols. The riff are classic Sinister, nice mid-tempo so you can bang your head. The track shows good tempo-variation throughout which keeps it interesting.

‘Transylvania’ definitely caught my attention. It kicks off with a rather interesting riff, which is absolutely fantastic. The onslaught is relentless. The riff changes are excellent and the variation in pace isn’t as evident. The solo however, is absolutely immaculate with a display of precision and sublime skill. The drums and riffs combine to form a montage of brutality with the chorus “Transylvania!!! CITY OF THE DEAD” which before long I was yelling top of my lungs. Excellent track.

As all Sinister albums go, it is unbelievably consistent, very tight and well executed. It is very difficult to pick tracks that really stand out. However, ‘Crown of Thorns’ has a very old school feel to it, so slow yet incredibly heavy, which is what most death metal fans like. It then speeds up a notch and slowly starts going full tilt. The vocals as per usual will melt your face clean off. The riffs have a good tempo to it and are just pushed along by the drums. The solo is a bit slower than that of Transylvania to start off with, but it picks up momentum towards the end before it breaks back into the slow paced riff and ending on a high. This is by far my pick off the album. Absolute ripper!

The album is available in a 2 disc digipack which includes some bonus tracks  with covers of bands such as Massacre, Bloodfest, Pentagram, Whiplash and Celtic Frost.  Overall the album is well rounded and consistent with killer riffs, amazing vocals and drumming. The solo’s aren’t always there, but when they are it a display of immaculate precision and technique. I would recommend this to fans of Vader, Asphyx, Grave, Dismember and Massacre. If you like death metal definitely pick up Sinister’s “The Carnage Ending”!

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