Female-fronted Dutch metal band Sin7sins are back with their second album “Carnival Of No Tomorrow” which comes out in less than two weeks, so let’s find out if it’s any good!

The first thing that strikes me about this album is the cover. With an evil looking women shown bare chest with huge green avatar-like eyes and four arms holding a knife in one hand, you can either expect this album to be frightening, or just plain weird.

The band themselves describe their music as being “clean” and “pure” as well as “distorted” and “perverted.” So it may well be the case that this album is going to be both frightening, and weird.

When the first track ‘Brimstone Ignition’ begins to play, the creepy organs and operatic synthesisers kick in, then Lotus starts singing and you instantly feel perturbed to listen to it.

If you’re a fan of Nightwish, Within Temptation and Pythia, you may like Sin7sins who share a similar gothic opera sound, but with a more grungy, funeral-like vibe that you can clearly hear in tracks like ‘Pornstar Love’ and ‘Carnivores At Carnival.’

‘Shadows & Dust’ is a heartfelt, ballad with striking orchestral parts that play on your sentimental side. With the slow, rheumatic guitars and elongated notes, this is a piece with a lot of heart and soul put into it, and you can really tell from listening to it.

‘As Romance Dies’ brings back that creepy gothic operatic style, I warn you, do not play this song whilst sitting alone in the dark… unless you’re into that kind of thing. But for those of us who have grown out of the sitting in dark corners stage, this song is a very epic gothic symphony, with deep guttural screams in the background, and the heavy church organs and keyboards over the top, so don’t discount it completely, just remember to keep the light on.

‘Jenkin’s Nightmare’ completes this album with one final blow of the string quartet and heavy baselines. The crash of the drum and the thud of the guitar create this atmosphere of evil. The use of electronics’ in ‘March To Ruin’ separate this band from their sisters of old fashioned gothic metal, Nightwish, and with an alienated version of the Mexican stand-off music as an outro, this band have justified the “distorted” description on this track.

This album may not be Ronsil but it is exactly what it says on the tin. The UK may not be the biggest fans of melodic gothic opera, but there is still a market. The Netherlands has always appreciated its dark, heavy metal. But over here, we’re just not as open to it. But for those select few that really love your gothic opera, this band is definitely worthy of your CD collection. But for the rest of us, we already have an Evanescene, Nightwish and Pythia. It’s great but I’m afraid it’s already been done. “Carnival Of No Tomorrow” is available for download on May 11, 2012.

Sin7sins – Official Website