Sick Circus - Calm Before The StormWith acts like Maroon 5 taking over our charts, and this band may not have the moves like Jagger, but they certainly have the talent. Liverpool based band Sick Circus are just one of the many hidden gems in the UKs rock scene, and TINAS have a feeling someone is gonna extract this diamond from a lump of coal very soon.

With the release of their demo “Calm Before The Storm” this year, or January 20 to be precise, these boys are taking the UK by storm after landing a slot supporting for Tyketto’s talent Danny Vaughn. Formed in 2008. Sick Circus has the drive and determination that every band needs in order to become successful, landing two albums in their time together and showing no signs of backing down now.

‘Knock Out’ kicks off the album with an electrifyingly climatic start. The hefty guitars highlight the Pantera and Dream Theater influences this band possesses. With a voice like Vince Neil crossed with Sebastian Bach, singer Mike Lothario can really hit the high notes.

‘Dead For Love’ and ‘In My Cell’ offer nothing but grimy head banging guitar licks, with the raunchy bass lines and aggressive drum beats, the enthralling combination is set to blow your mind to smithereens.

Arguably the highlight of the album is ‘Down In The Hallows’ with its lively, yet elegant solos and fist punching riff. The elongated yell of the vocals and the guitar riffs of Antony Lothario create a head spinning void of adrenaline, which makes this track so wild and energetic that you physically want to break stuff.

If you love your dirty, grimy metal like Machine Head, and you want to punch people in the face, this is the album for you. With every millisecond of music on this album a flair of proficiency sparks and you just can’t turn it off. If you want to hear it for yourself, click here now.

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