Shinedown – Zippo Encore Stage (Second Stage) – Sunday 17:00 – 17:40

Having had a whole weekend of crap weather, it’s a pleasant feeling on the Sunday at the 10th Download Festival to be at the second stage and having the sun Shinedown. A tenuous, cheesy and downright terrible link I know, but the fact of the matter is while they were on stage I got sunburnt.

There is clearly a big following for this band as there is a very large crowd considering Shinedown’s stage time crosses over both Lamb of God and Megadeth and sure enough, as they open with ‘Sound of Madness,’ arms are raised high in the air and huge cheers ring out.

Shinedown then launched into ‘Diamond Eyes’ from The Expendables soundtrack and the first song of the set that I knew, ‘Enemies’ from their latest album “Amaryllis”. As the sun beat down, the band played on, the rhythm section of drummer Barry Kerch and the awesomely named bassist Eric Bass are tight and solid, while guitarist Zach Myers plays with aplomb over the top. I was personally surprised that Brent didn’t play guitar and sing, as they have quite a thick sound.

As they worked through their set, the band kept the crowd in their hand and even those who were just passing or had arrived early for Refused seemed suitably impressed. After ‘Devour’ came another “Amaryllis” cut in the form of ‘Unity,’ before the set standard of ‘Second Chance’ and closer ‘Bully.’

A strong performance from a band with a solid reputation.

Shinedown Download 2012 setlist:

Sound Of Madness
Diamond Eyes
Second Chance

Photograph by Jessica Gilbert Photography