Shaking Godspeed - Hoera“Hoera” is the Dutch equivalent for “hurrah” or “huzzah”. It’s the also the title of the second full length album by Dutch blues/stoner rock outfit Shaking Godspeed. They caused quite a buzz with their debut album here in the Netherlands. Let’s see whether the song material on “Hoera” lives up to its uplifting title…

It’s almost impossible to exactly pin down what Shaking Godspeed is all about musically speaking. However, a profound love for blues and seventies rock ties it all together on “Hoera”. You’ll hear shards of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Deep Purple, Queen and David Bowie, all brought with a loose kind of swagger Josh Homme and Queens Of The Stone Age can only dream about. Listening to “Hoera” is like going through your father’s seventies rock LP collection and discovering a whole lot of old, but brilliant tunes.

Labelling Shaking Godspeed as a mere seventies tribute band would be a terrible injustice to the band’s penchant for adventurism and their considerable musical prowess. Tracks like “French Girls”, “Jesus”, “Promise’ and “The Ghouls Have Come” are bristling with energy and have sense of joy I haven’t encountered for a long time. My only gripe with this album is that I can’t shake off the feeling that I’ve heard it all before, albeit not necessarily better. Perhaps I’m simply too jaded for my own good or I’m just being too harsh on a band from my own country.

Sound-wise “Hoera” has a real live feel, with all the little imperfections that come with it. This gives the album an almost a punk rock styled garage-styled atmosphere. It’s certainly enhances the overall rock and roll swagger of “Hoera”.

“Hoera” is a very enjoyable effort by a band that has heaps of potential. There’s certainly room for improvement, but this band is a prime example of what the Dutch rock scene has to offer. Huzzah or better said, Hoera!

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