Shadows Chasing Ghosts - LessonsIn just four short years as a band, Shadows Chasing Ghosts have seen three releases, relentless touring and festival appearances. The band have played their own headlining shows, as well as support slots with big names such as Blessed By A Broken Heart, Bury Tomorrow, Glamour Of The Kill and While She Sleeps, not counting the masses of acts that are yet to be added to this string of accomplishments.

The third release, and by far, the most anticipated is “Lessons,” which was recently bought to our eagerly awaiting ear drums by Small Town Records on July 9th. There is not much to it really, it delivers exactly what you expected from a budding post-hardcore band. With vibrant vocals that could stop a truck, and incoherent riffs that keep you on your toes and impatiently anticipated for more.

Saying that, there is nothing that really surprises you about this album either, and in some ways that makes it slightly predictable. With each post-hardcore band, within them lies a meaningful love tune that is struggling to get out. In this album, ‘The Lighhouse’ is that tune with its gentle keys humming in the background behind the softer melodies created by the guitars.

But then they go and mix it all up a bit by showing that love doesn’t always come in slow formation with ‘The Writer’ which  turns up all the speakers to full power with its raunchy riffs and deep, growling vocals leading into the generic anthem style choruses that sound like You Me At Six. If A Day To Remember were British, the outcome would sound a little like this.

‘Now Or Never’ and ‘Lose The Attitude’ offer the thumping baselines that you need to get any party started. With the roaring guitars and thunderous beats, this is the perfect background music for your Friday night house parties.

There is nothing bad about this album, but there is also nothing that really knocks you out. Ultimately, this album is satisfying to listen to, and you wouldn’t want to turn it off, but nonetheless, you can’t help but feel a teeny bit disappointed that it lives up to expectations, and doesn’t go on from there.

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