September Mourning – MelancholiaIn theory, “Melancholia” by September Mourning is very much like Twilight. The opening number ‘Go For The Throat’ tells a dark, depressing story about drinking blood “Can’t drain the blood from empty veins, I need your life – keep me sustained” before serenading us with love ballads in tracks like ‘Always’ where we are entered into this façade of romance where singer Emily Lazar takes us through “Bella’s” journey “Always, sacred to her soul, always, she did as she was told.”

Channelling deeper into this Twilight conspiracy is the track ‘Love Is War’ where Bella has her hormonal depressing period in New Moon as Emily choruses “It’s calling out at night, The Screams- The fights. The blood stained swords of you and I – Love is war” before ending on ‘The Last Embrace’ where Edward finally changes Bella “I’ll still be here – I’m still standing here, on our judgement day – our last embrace.”  Or at least, that is one theory.

The real story described by the band is about a girl named September, who has the ability to harness death and walk the world of the living and the dead. But, with this album you get from it what you make of it. Whether it be the story of Twilight, or a real life experience or whatever. And that’s makes a concept album like this one so remarkably fascinating, if they are done well, which this one has.

All mythical creatures and stories beside, this album is phenomenal. With a soul purpose of telling a story of fantasy and fiction through malignant hard rock, you get exactly what it said on the tin with this NY band.

With the raucous wailing guitars in ‘A Place To Call Your Own’ and piercing vocals penetrating your ear canals, you’ll be left with awe after just one listen. The sensual serene song that is ‘Crimson Skies’ offers a completely different side to the usual roaring sound, with its sharp, harmonious ballad type vocals, over orchestral guitars and keys, adding a diverse yet dynamic twist to the album. ‘Seal Your Fate’ and ‘Beyond The Grave’ deliver grumbling baselines, tickling guitars and anthemic choruses that bite the right nerve, oozing infectious licks that are satisfyingly more-ish.

For fans of Evanescence, Nightwish and gothic rock as a whole, this is an album to get your pulse racing. “Melancholia” hit the shelves on May 18th, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be grabbing your copy, today!

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