ThisIsNotAScene‘s Curt put a few questions to Sebastian Rokicki of Polish grindcore band Antigama. They talked about the band’s latest release “Stop The Chaos,” record labels, genres, illegal downloading and much, much more…

I thought your album “Stop the Chaos” was one of the best grindcore albums I’ve heard in ages, so congrats on the release!” First of all can you go over who the band is and a bit of your history?

Thank you very much for the good words about our new release! Antigama is a grindcore band from Poland with almost 12 years of existence on the scene. We’ve recorded lots of music throughout the years: 5 regular albums, a few mini-albums and about a dozen of split releases.

Antigama is: Lukasz Myszkowski on vocals, Michal Zawadzki on bass, Pawel Jaroszewicz on drums, and myself – Sebastian Rokicki – on guitar. Antigama is controlled chaos.

You guys had been on Selfmadegod and then went onto Relapse for your last few releases and now you’re back on Selfmadegod. Why the switch?

Yeah. We’ve been good friends with Selfmadegod Records since the beginning of the band. When the Relapse offer came we discussed it with Karol and he was very happy about the deal. We recorded two albums for Relapse, a few splits and compilation tracks. When our deal was over, the next move was just to go back to the label which is the best for our band right now – and it’s Selfmadegod Records.

One thing that I’ve personally noticed about you guys is that you’re not afraid to bring different sounds into your music-Melody gets infused into your music occasionally and the last track on the new EP “The End” is even a weird electronic sounding thing. Do you ever get any flack for originality? Grindcore is not usually seen as a genre that tolerates much more than speed!

Antigama has always been a kind of experimental grind band. We’ve made a lot of electronic/avantgarde/noise sounds on our previous releases. It’s just a part of our style I think. We’ve always been open to different kinds of music apart from grindcore. We’ve played shows with industrial/noise artists in Poland. It’s always been a great and important experience for us as a band.

Are there any touring plans for the EP or are you just going to head into the studio as quickly as possible for a full-length?

We’ve done some promotional shows here in Poland recently. The gigs went absolutely great and we can’t wait to do so more shows across Europe to promote ‘Stop The Chaos’. Hope it will happen pretty soon!

Grindcore often gets dismissed as “noise” by many metalheads. What would you recommend to someone new to grindcore to listen to get a feel for the genre?

Well… I still listen to and take influence from bands like Napalm Death, Repulsion, Terrorizer, Righteous Pigs, Defecation and a few others from the ‘old school grind’ scene. I don’t listen so much to ‘new’ grindcore, with a few exceptions of course.

Any bands that you want to recommend that we may not have heard of?

Psudoku, The Kill, Noisear, Parlamentarisk Sodomi.

How has the band been able to survive with the state that the music industry is currently in? Have you guys been able to do OK or are you basically losing money at this point?

You can’t do it if you’re not in love with it – it’s simple. We’ve been putting our money into this band since the beginning but we have no regrets about that. We love the music we play and our band is getting stronger everyday thanks to our efforts. Making this kind of noise for living is not an easy way to survive anyway…

How do you feel about file-sharing and downloading?

Well… as a member of a band I’m not happy about it. Our records have always been on the net a month before the release. It’s been painful… but I believe that true fans/collectors will buy the final product instead of just keeping another file on their hard drives.

Thanks a lot for the interview. Anything else you want to say?

Thank you very much for the cool interview!

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