Scott Kelly And The Road Home - The Forgiven Ghost In MeScott Kelly is mostly known as the guitarist and vocalist for Neurosis, one of the key bands within the post rock/metal/core movement. Occasionally, he likes to venture out on his own. This has resulted into his second solo album, entitled “The Forgiven Ghost In Me”. Let’s see what ghosts Mr Kelly is chasing.

The first question that springs to mind is whether “The Forgiven Ghost In Me” has something to do with his main band. The answer is profound no. Where Neurosis is all about layer upon layer of guitar riffs engulfed in total darkness, Scott Kelly’s second solo album is at the total opposite of the sonic spectrum. It’s basically him backed up with the occasional slide guitar and acoustic parts. This is probably the closest a member from Neurosis could get to Tom Waits.

Kelly’s warm and gravelly voice takes the listener through all the dark corners of his mind. The occasional ventures on the slide guitar gives “The Forgiven Ghost In Me” a distinct country/bluesy feeling, without falling into the corny pitfalls of the aforementioned genre. This is the type of music you really need to use your headphones in order to fully appreciate the solemn beauty of tracks, like “In The Waking Hours”, “Within It Blood”, “The Sun Is Dreaming In The Soul” and “The Fields That Surround Me”.

“The Forgiven Ghost In Me” by Scott Kelly is not for everyone. It takes patience and an open mind in order to appreciate the raw honesty of this album. As for me, it’s the perfect record to get through a hot Summer’s Day. Nice!

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