Co Authored by Greg Latham.

Savage Messiah are a new breed of thrash band, rising up from the UK underground to take the power back and lead the charge into a new era. After delivering one of the years best metal records with their latest album “Plague of Conscience” the band has gone from strength to strength,and they showed no signs of slowing down at this years Bloodstock Festival where the band blew everyone’s early morning cobwebs away with a mind blowing set on The Sophie Lancaster stage.

Myself and my colleague Greg Latham were able to catch up with three quarters of the band Dave Silver (Vocals/Guitar), Joff Bailey (Guitar) and Stefano Selvatico (Bass) to discuss playing Bloodstock, new members, their next album, the future and which other band they would want to be in other than Savage Messiah.

You Guys Killed it over on The Sophie Lancaster stage earlier on. How did the show go for you?

Dave: It was killer!

Stefano: Yeah, we really enjoyed it.

Dave: I don’t think it could have gone any better in fact.

Joff: Yeah, really really good.

Other than the fan reaction to this weekend, how did you guys feel when you saw your name on the bill with all these other legendary acts?

Joff: I was at work when I got the call from Dave, and obviously I’d seen the adverts with all the bands on and that, and he was like ‘We’re confirmed for Bloodstock man’ and I was like ‘YEAAAAH, Jagerbombs all round!” (Laughs)

Dave: Its a festival we’ve always wanted to play, the bands been around for five years and this is the first time we’ve ever done it, and in a way its better because of the hype we managed to get off the last album, we managed to get plenty of people to come see us, and it made it really worthwhile, its a really strong bill and hopefully its a really successful year for them.

Joff: It definitely seems to be a lot busier than other years, there’s a lot of people here.

Bloodstock is also known for propelling a lot of newer bands. Case in point being Evile who really took off after appearing here. Are you hoping for the same kind of knock on effect to raise your profile and get you to the next level.

Dave: With everything its always baby steps. We know that with our situation we’re going to grow it over a period of time, some bands can hit with an album and that really launches them, we’re from the Judas Priest school, Priest had maybe five or six albums before “British Steel” and that was the album that broke them, we’re on our second record so we’ve got a long way to go, even a band like Lamb of God is on their seventh record now, I think that’s the key you’ve just got to keep on keeping on.

You guys have a new drummer as well in the form of Andrea Gorio. How long has he been in the band?

Dave: Two or three months now. It was one of those things, our previous drummer was from Columbia and we had some issues with a visa, we had these really important shows to do in Holland, and we just could not get the visa, we thought we could make it work, but we just couldn’t do it. Then we had this guy who was a childhood friend of his, (Andrea Gorio), who came over and learned our entire headline set in a day and half, he kicked ass and we were like ‘Woa, this guy is killer” and he has an Italian passport, so we had to make that decision that now we can play Europe without ever having to worry about it, it’s a shame for Fabrizio, he’s a great friend and a great drummer, and we wish him only the best.

How has having a new member of the band changed the dynamic in the band?

Dave: Not really, he kind of sticks to the album.

Joff: Everything is a lot more solid now, the level of the band has kicked up a gear since he’s come in because he’s such a solid drummer. Everything has gone up a gear.

Stefano: Everything has fallen into place a bit more, we’re doing really good with this new drummer.

Any new material on the horizon?

Dave: Absolutely. It’s been our focus over the last couple of months, we’ve really been honing it. What we’ve been doing differently to the last album is that we’ve been working on it as a band in a rehearsal room all together, working on a vibe capturing a spirit, more of an energy. Our intention is to start recording our new album the end of this year which means there’s usually about 5-6 months turn around, so its safe to say early 2013 is when we want to get another album out.

When ‘Plague of Conscience’ came out, it was really well received by critics and fans alike and it is a killer album. Did the reception that the album received take you by surprise and has it influenced the way you’ve approached writing on this new album?

Dave: It’s been really cool for us, its nice to be accepted by people for them to say I like your bands, I like your songs and that’s been really good. In terms of changing any sort of dynamic I don’t think so, because we’re still coming from the same place as heavy metal fans, we’re going to keep doing our think because we like it you know.

Joff: I think if there is going to be any sort of noticeable change, I think in general everything has taken more of an aggressive turn with the riffs, its a lot more punishing this time.

Dave: There’s still going to be a lot of melodic stuff, and the high pitched vocals.

Going forward with the Pledge Music campaign, how do you think that will affect the industry and is that something you guys will utilise going forward?

Dave: You never know. I’ve looked into Pledge and it’s a really cool thing. There’s a band called Marillion who are super innovative in the same kind of way, I think its a great idea to have fans inject capital into your band, and for you to be able to repay them in some way. The only thing with us and with any band is in order for a Pledge campaign to be successful I think you need to have a profile at a certain level, and I think it would be quite difficult to build a band through a Pledge campaign, I think that’s more next level stuff, once you’re selling out 2-300 capacity venues, with your 1,000 pound a night guarantees then you can kind of develop a fanbase through it.

We have seen a lot of Savage Messiah t-shirts this weekend.

Stefano: I was surprised by that, its been cool.

Joff: I saw a guy earlier on who saw us in London a couple of weeks back and he was like ”Man, I’ve been screaming so loud that I literally can’t talk , so I won’t be giving it all that later”

Now lads, now we’ve got all the serious stuff out the way, its time to get stupid and we’re going to ask you something silly now.

Collectively: Yes!

Savage Messiah are amazing, we all know this. However if you could play in any other band what band would it be?

Joff: Maiden. If Dave Murray goes sick, then I’m there, you two just try and hold me back (laughs)

Dave: I’d quite like to sing in a band, not just play guitar, just jump around and sing.

I’d like to see you sing in Priest.

Dave: I’d love to sing in Priest that would be fucking awesome

Stefano: Pantera definitely.

Obviously we are at a festival, what are you’re top festival survival tips?

Joff: Stay drunk, also if you can’t remember it, it didn’t happen.

Any closing comments for everyone out there.

Joff:Thank you for supporting the band and sticking with us.

Dave: We will see you all soon.

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