Savage Messiah - Plague Of ConscienceHow many times have you heard the phrase ‘Next Big Thing?’ my guess is more than you care to remember, but here we are again with Savage Messiah, the latest signing to Earache Records. The main difference between Savage Messiah and all the other Next Big Thing bands is that they are actually good.

“Plague of Conscience” is the bands third studio album and the first since signing to Earache. The band originally released the album online for free download at the tail end of last year as a try before you buy via the Earache website, it was a brave move especially in today’s world of internet piracy for a band to pre-release their album online so far in advance, but it was a move that has paid off and has seen positive reviews across the board, which in turn have helped raise the band’s profile considerably.

The first thing you notice about “Plague Of Conscience” is how mature and self assured it sounds; which is surprising given how young the band are both in terms of their collective ages, but also their tenure as a unit itself. “Plague Of Conscience” is a throwback to the older days of metal, mixing elements of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal with the more Traditional elements of the early thrash movement. Savage Messiah wear their influences on their sleeves, but manage to inject enough originality and modern panache into proceedings that things never feel like imitation or worse… dated.

Savage Messiah have a strong knowledge of the history of metal and their place in the genre, and with their big label debut the band has stepped it’s game up considerably to not only pay homage to what came before them but also show where they intend to take metal in the future,and on the evidence presented here, its hard to argue with the Next Big Thing tag, if they are popping out albums this good this early into their career, there is absolutely nothing stopping them becoming them the biggest band in the world over time.

See Savage Messiah on tour at the following shows:

Feb. 11 – Manchester, UK – HMV Ritz (w/ Evile and Cerebral Bore)
Mar. 17 – Prestatyn, UK – Hammerfest
Mar. 18 – York, UK – The Duchess (w/ Diamond Plate)
Mar. 19 – Birmingham, UK – Birmingham Ballroom (w/ Diamond Plate)
Mar. 20 – London, UK – Barfly (w/ Diamond Plate)

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