Satanic Bloodspraying - At The Mercy of SatanPerhaps unsurprisingly, I can’t personally tell you much about the metal scene in Bolivia, if at all really. Going by this release however, one thing they do have sorted is the knack for OTT and even comically gruesome naming of your death/black metal band and your songs. The name Satanic Bloodspraying is striking enough, but with song titles as gnarly (and funny) as ‘Necro Dominatrix’ and ‘Satanic Skullfuck’, these guys definitely got that memo.

Seeped in mystery (with only a bandcamp website to their name, as far as I can find at least), Satanic Bloodspraying have a very primal blackened thrash metal sound, much akin to the earliest of black metal bands. Production wise it is very raw and vicious, properly channeling the spirit of these bands. ‘At The Mercy Of Satan’ also has one gear for the most part, and that is the ‘very very fast’. Each song on here is at full throttle pace and unrelenting. ‘March Of The Dead’ is probably the slowest number, with a more grandiose opening and with a mid pace throughout, otherwise this is predominantly fast and to the point stuff.

All together it is a package that has been done plentiful times before, and Satanic Bloodspraying are not at all breaking the mould or even attempting to do so. This is just pure old school black/thrash metal. One thing it is though (unsurprisingly) is massively fun. The formula is simple as anything, but it doesn’t get tiresome at all, and at under 30 minutes it doesn’t outstay its welcome at all.

Despite the bands mysterious nature with little to no information on the bands personnel, or limited presence in the regular channels for bands, Satanic Bloodspraying have put out a very simplistic, unsurprising release, but one that is definitely worth checking out, and should keep you grinning from ear to ear. Especially with some of these song titles.

Satanic Bloodspraying – Bandcamp page