sacred blood - alexandrosGreek-based power metallers, Sacred Blood, put out a historical narrative by means of a concept release entitled “Alexandros”. It gives text books a spin by providing the background music to what would be an epic movie – with its power metal style, folk nuances and various orchestrations. “Alexandros” packs fifteen high production value tracks that unfold like the chapters of a book but are unable to turn the page on outstanding compositions.

Five of the fifteen tracks are samples and/or narrations of “Alexandros” – ultimately put together to set the scene, however, it unsuccessfully takes on the role of album fillers. Out of the ten remaining tracks, two stand out immensely namely, “The Bold Prince of Macedonia” and “Battlefield Aenaon”. Both these tracks showcase Sacred Blood’s musicianship in terms of artistry and prowess. “The Bold Prince of Macedonia” hones on its catchy power metal rhythm and its equally catchy lyrics sung in crisp clear vocals. The guitars and drums are well manifested and the slight orchestrations create the epic atmosphere. In fact, the epic atmosphere is omnipresent in “Alexandros” and greatly captured by Sacred Blood – the listener is immersed into the ancient Greek battlefields and can hear the sweet roars of victory, honour and bravery.

“Alexandros” scores major points for concept, but the album fillers left me feeling bored and unwilling to continue. Sacred Blood seem to be great musicians, although “Alexandros” did not seem to do them justice.

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