Sabbath Assembly - Ye Are GodsHere’s something for all of you to get your teeth into, although it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea (or should that be chalice of sacrificial blood?  No, cup of tea is more apt).  Not your average shrieking-about-Satan-whilst-pouring-blood-over-your-face-and-running-around-the-forest-wearing-a-gimp-outfit-and-swinging-a-large-axe black metal album, Sabbath Assembly‘s “Ye Are Gods” is an album of prayers taken from the texts of the Process Church of the Final Judgement – originally a splinter cult from the Church of Scientology that rose to prominence in the 1960’s, but it’s unlikely that Tom Cruise will be turning up at any meetings any time soon – that are set to mainly folky musical arrangements.  Well, you were warned…

But before you stop reading, take a moment to absorb some other information about the source of these songs/hymns.  The Process Church believes in both God and the Devil, working on the theory that both deities (if you think of Satan as a deity) will someday come together and judge the whole of humanity.  Heavy stuff, and to add a bit of heat to the fire there is reputed to be a link to Charles Manson and his twisted philosophies, although this is all subjective and after-the-event stuff.

So, if that makes you curious then “Ye Are Gods” – featuring Jamie Myers from Wolves in the Throne Room, Throbbing Gristle’s Genesis P-Orridge, guitarist Imaad Wasif and original Process Church member Timothy Wyllie – could be worth a punt.  If, however, you have no religious beliefs and lyrics about new worlds, Jesus, Lucifer, the laws of the universe and other such malarkey mean about as much to you as the release of a spoken word poetry album from John Prescott then there’s nothing really here for you.  Only the gentle electric guitar of ‘Exit’ – imagine The Cranberries without the Irish accent – and the closing ‘The Love of the Gods’ offer up anything above a picked acoustic guitar, and whilst those songs may have some wonderfully hypnotic melodies the lyrics will likely prove problematic for those of a more Atheist outlook.

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