Royal Thunder - CVIA bolt from the blue is Royal Thunder’s extraordinary full length debut entitled “CVI”! The ten track album clocks in a straight dose of blues infused with metal and euphoric rock ‘n’ roll. Despite having a female vocalist, “CVI” packs dexterity like no other – a big contender for 2012!

Royal Thunder’s release with Relapse Records punctuates with quality, pleasing production values and virtuoso musicianship. Vocalist, Mlny Parsonz makes CVI an album of class with her Southern rock pitch. Parsonz leaves behind the girlie pout and cages the beast inside; she finds a middle ground which allows for her to stand apart from the bevy of female vocalists. Though, when there is a need to roar, Royal Thunder’s front lady does it with balls.

The first two tracks of “CVI”, “Parsonz Curse” and “Whispering World” illustrate Parsonz tone and highlight the psychedelic cum blues rhythms of the album. The riffs are tight and laced with an infectiousness groove. Furthermore, the “CVI” track list does not plunge at any point nor do the vocals become fusty.

Royal Thunder keeps things fresh and the atmosphere takes on an open summer festival approach. A track worthy of honest hype is “Blue” as it opens on a drum solo then embarks into a heavy horde of melodic guitars and bass. It is met by husky vocals and soon merges into a track that becomes rich and vivid. Stylistically, the band blends and warps the aforementioned genres and creates an unforgettable experience. “CVI” also shoots a straight line for commercial probability and mainstream success. Don’t frown. It is that good!

Soon to be released on 22 May 2012 by Relapse Records, the impeccable Royal Thunder is worth the hype and their album “CVI” really proves it. Ten well crafted tracks played by skilled musicians deserve a breath taking 9/10. No kidding.

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