Revolution Within - Straight From WithinFirst off, Revolution Within‘s latest album “Straight From Within” sounds a hell of a lot like early Sepultura. To the  extent that if you don’t like Sepultura then this really isn’t the album for you.

This is the first time I’ve reviewed a Portuguese metal band and it  may be that the fellow Portuguese speaking Brazilians Sepultura are  held in such high regard there that they have spawned an entire legion of clones. I just don’t know? I do know that you won’t be able to  listen to this album without thinking ‘surely that is Max Cavalera on vocals?!’

Moving on, I must say that early numbers ‘Pure Hate’, ‘Without Recognition’ and the title track are all impressive on their own and to be fair other influences can be discerned. The guitars in  particular owe a debt to Exodus with their staccato, ascending scale riffs. It’s all pretty effective stuff without ever sounding in any way original.

There’s a lack of light and shade here that exposes Revolution Within‘s dearth of ambition and class. Take any track at random and it’s go for the throat attitude will impress, but after four or five tracks it becomes boring and those Sepultura similarities just won’t go away.

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